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They offer a variety of video and filming options including:
• Filming
• Production
• Editing

They also have actors, models, character models and voice-over artists through their model agency partner.
Contact them to make your business or product's story come to life!

Polyflex Africa

Wozani Mtunzini


Pirates-Umhlanga-Pirates 2020 - the oldest surfski race in the world

Novobrands - Ice Towel

Novobrands - Wizza

Top Billing - Durban Fashion Fair 2019

Cornubia Fashion Show 2019

Mtunzini Spar

AFX 2019

Pavilion Bridal Fair 2019

La Lucia Bridal Fair 2019

Pavilion Bridal Fair 2018

Umfolozi Big 5

LMS Logistics - Toyota Gibraltar

Mountain Splendour Resort

Forty Winks - Kamberg

Ample Power